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What Do You Know About Yoga Mats?

Jan. 04, 2020

The international standard yoga mat size is: 183cm * 61cm * 6mm. For most people in Asia, the size is sufficient, but the width is not enough, so there are various widened versions of 183cm * 80cm on a treasure. . However, it should be noted that if you go to a yoga studio to study, generally regular yoga studios are not allowed to bring widened mats, affecting the uniformity of the yoga studio. Of course, it does not matter if the teacher allows it. If you use it at home, it will be more convenient for beginners to choose wider.

Pu Top Rubber Yoga Mats

Pu Top Rubber Yoga Mats

Yoga pays attention to the control of your body. High-end yoga masters do not actually use yoga mats. The more advanced yoga practitioners, the thinner the mats are. The size of the national standard yoga mat is 6mm, which is sufficient for impact resistance and joint protection. Thick cushions, such as 10mm or more, will affect the balance of the body, cause motion distortion, and even fall injuries. It is recommended that beginners choose a thickness of 8mm and choose a national standard thickness of 6mm after entry.

There are many non-slip poses in yoga movements that require balance. This has high requirements for the non-slip effect of yoga mats. PVC and NBR mats are generally not enough for anti-slip effects. It is only recommended for beginners to use and professional practice. It is recommended to choose TPE material or rubber. With the improvement of asana accuracy and strength, yoga will sweat a lot and affect the anti-slip effect. At this time, you need to choose a PU rubber pad.

Odor, in terms of taste, due to the foaming problems of NBR and PVC, the smell of the foaming agent generally remains. After wiping with clean water, it can be dispersed in a ventilated place for about 2 days, but there will be a slight smell that does not affect the use. If there are still odors for two or three days or even a week or two, we recommend throwing them away. Similarly, TPE will also have a taste problem. Selecting a single layer without tear-proof mesh can effectively reduce it, but it cannot be completely avoided. rubber yoga mats have a strong flavor and last long, similar to tires. Ventilation can be relieved after wiping. PU rubber pads also have a rubber smell, which is unavoidable. For those who are particularly sensitive to taste, it is recommended to choose a single layer of TPE material.

It belongs to the three-minute fever, that is, I want to buy a cushion casually, toss a few times at home, follow the video to learn, or do sit-ups, crunches, and other activities. Select NBR, pay attention to ventilation, the harm is actually not As big as imagined.

If you are interested in studying yoga, you have insufficient economic conditions. You can choose a single layer of TPE material. The rebound and non-slip properties can meet the basic needs.

There is a certain foundation. For the non-slip property of the mat, the durability is higher. You can choose the double-layer TPE material.

Professional practice, TPE can no longer meet the requirements of anti-skid, you can choose rubber material.

Hardcore players, difficult poses, sweating a lot, the general mat is no longer enough to use, choose pu top rubber yoga mats, countless yoga big coffee praise, is currently the top yoga mat.

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