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High temperature tape storage method

Apr. 20, 2019

High temperature tape storage method

Adhesive Tapes Manufacturer shares that high temperature resistant tape is mainly used for painting, baking leather processing, painting masking and electronic parts in the process of fixed, printed circuit board and high temperature processing masking. Next, together with the decoration network small make up to introduce the high-temperature tape storage method.

High temperature tape storage method

1, tape should be stored in the warehouse, avoid the sun, rain; Ban on contact with acid and alkali oil, organic solvent, keep clean and dry, found from device 1 m, room temperature between 15 ℃ and 40 ℃.

2, the tape should be placed in rolls, do not fold, storage time is too long should be turned once a season.

3, loading and unloading of the conveyor belt is the best to use a crane, and have a beam of the rigging smooth lifting, to avoid damage to the belt edge, do not be arbitrary loading and unloading, causing loose volume swing sleeve.

4, the type and specification of the tape shall be reasonably selected according to the use needs and specific conditions.

5, the adhesive tapes of different varieties, different specifications, models, strength and number of cloth layers shall not be used together.

6, conveyor belt joints are best to use hot vulcanized rubber, in order to improve reliability, maintain a high effective strength.

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7, the diameter of the conveying roller of the conveyor and the minimum pulley diameter of the belt shall comply with relevant regulations.

8, do not make the tape snake or creep, to maintain the roller, roller flexible, tension to moderate.

9, conveyor equipped with baffle and cleaning device, should avoid the belt wear.

10, cleanliness is the basic condition for good operation of the tape. Foreign substances may affect belt eccentricity, tension difference or even fracture.

11, when the adhesive tape is found to be damaged at an early stage during use, the reason shall be timely searched for and repaired to avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences.

High temperature tape storage method

The above is about the introduction of high temperature tape, hope to help you.And welcome to purchase our Adhesive Tapes!

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