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Analysis of the difference between stretch film and protective film

Dec. 12, 2019

The protective film is the kind on the screen on our phones. It is a transparent, flexible, strong, non-toxic and harmless soft polyethylene plastic film. It complies with international environmental sanitation standards. It can be cold-stretched vertically and horizontally without heating. It depends on its own self-adhesive packaging. This kind of product can make the goods maintain tension for a long time without loosening, high strength, high elastic tension, can be wrapped tightly to any shape of the goods, wrapped into a whole.

Protective film features

1. The protective film can effectively protect the protected product from processing, transportation, storage, sales and other links to avoid damage to the product and maintain the integrity and gloss of the product. And improve the market competitiveness of the product!

2. The protective film has good temperature resistance. For industrial products that require high temperature processing, the use of a protective film to protect the surface of the product can avoid damage to the product during high temperature processing.

3. The protective film has good water resistance and moisture resistance. Most industrial products require a cool and dry environment during storage. This type of environment is often wet for a long time. Protective films are used to protect the exterior Can prevent the product from getting wet and moldy.

4. The protective film has good adsorption. At present, most of the protective films on the market are produced by co-extrusion technology. This type of die cutting protective film is characterized by easy use, the film itself is sticky, and it is easy to tear and stick.

Features of stretch film

The stretch film is one of the types of protective films. It has some of the characteristics listed in the general protection features above, such as good protection performance, waterproof and moisture resistance, temperature resistance and so on.

According to the coating online, the difference is that the stretch film emphasizes stretchability, so the stretch film is generally used for packaging and transportation. The use of stretch wrapping film for packaging treatment can save costs by 1/3 compared with ordinary protective films. This is His saving, compared to the viscosity of ordinary protective film, the viscosity of the stretched film is slightly lower, because the tensile performance is mainly emphasized.

These are the differences between the stretch film and the ordinary protective film, because the individual features are highlighted and become a kind of exclusive protective film because of different uses.

Protective Film

Protective Film

What is the difference between stretch film and protective film

1. Same materials and different processes:

The stretch film is made of PE and polyethylene, which is a very tough material. It is not easy to pulverize with an ordinary plastic pulverizer. The main material of the protective film is ethylene as the master batch. It is made by polymerization. Different plasticizers, cling film is divided into many types, which can be applied to different occasions.

2. Different uses:

Stretch film is mainly used in the sales and transportation of various products such as wines, cans, mineral waters, various beverages, cloths, non-food, pharmaceutical packaging, etc., and protective films are mainly used in microwave food heating, Refrigerator food preservation, fresh and cooked food packaging and other occasions, in household life, supermarket stores, hotels and restaurants and industrial production of food packaging.

3. The starting point for environmental protection is different:

The material of the stretch film PE can reduce the atmospheric environmental pollution, reduce the amount of waste treatment, recycle and reduce the overall packaging costs, etc., while some protective film manufacturers use PVC materials, this plasticizer can be used from plastic wrap Infiltration into packaged high-fat foods causes greater harm to the human endocrine system.

In summary, the above is the difference between the stretched film and the protective film summarized by the technical staff of the protective film supplier, and I hope to help everyone.

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