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Corresponding Application Fields of Different Thickness Pet Protective Film

Feb. 23, 2020

With the popularization of protective films, smart products such as screen protective films and PET protective films have also developed rapidly. Especially, PET protective films have attracted much attention. PET protective film is one of many protective films. It is the simplest polymer organic compound based on special polyethylene (PE) plastic film. The PET protective film material is transparent and colorless, and the surface has undergone a hardening treatment. Generally, according to the origin of the PET protective film material, the surface hardening value is between 3H-4H. The better the surface hardening, the stronger the wear resistance. The light transmittance is also the main property of the PET protective film material. Generally, the light transmittance is above 90%. The high light transmittance not only makes us have a good visual effect when using related instruments, but also has a good effect on the eyes. Protection.

Everyone knows that the use of PET protective film in the electronics industry is very high, and the thickness of the tape used in different areas of use is also different. The thickness of PET protective films on the market today ranges from 30 μm to 245 μm.

Now let's analyze for you what are the properties of PET protective films of different thicknesses, and in which fields are they mainly applied?

30μm PET protective film: Although it is thin, it has good shear resistance and excellent adhesive strength, good aging resistance and UV resistance, and the probability of fogging is very low. It is generally used for LCD and fixed nameplates Wait.

50μm-60μm PET protective film: It is a thin and light product, but it also maintains good adhesion. It is mainly used for nameplates, headphone and microphone accessories, digital camera reflective film fixing, LCD reflective film and backlight film group. And the fixing of the frame of the center button of the mobile phone.

80μm PET protective film: It has good adhesion ability at normal temperature, suitable for sticking on the smooth surface of polar surface, fixing of LCD frame, digital camera buttons and hard materials, fixing of LCD front case and panel.

100μm PET protective film: It has good adhesive strength to smooth surfaces, and is mainly used for fixing the LCD backlight film group and the bottom frame.

Pet Protective Film

Pet Protective Film

125μm PET protective film: good overall performance, good adhesion to most materials, and excellent shear resistance and temperature resistance. It is mainly used for fixing windows and lenses, fixing LCD modules in digital cameras, and fixing between LCD backlight film and bottom frame.

150μm PET protective film: can maintain good adhesion at high and low temperatures, suitable for EPDM sealing strips, good resistance to CaCO3 (calcium carbonate).

160μm PET protective film: high temperature resistant pet protective film not only has excellent shear strength, temperature resistance and adhesive ability, but also guarantees reliable adhesive effect under harsh external environment. It is mainly used for fixing mobile phone windows, lenses, batteries, digital camera rubber sheet memory cards, and battery boards.

200μm PET protective film: extremely strong temperature resistance, mainly used for fixing windows, lenses, batteries, digital camera rubber sheets, memory cards, and battery boards.

240μm PET protective film: thicker material, high hardness, generally used in large-scale industrial production, suitable for fixing molds and decorative pieces in furniture, and fixing electronic load-bearing parts, as well as bonding to make cards, generally thicker The lower the cost.

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