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What Are The Characteristics Of Cotton Paper Double Sided Tape ?

Apr. 12, 2019

We found that there are many types of tape wholesale products, if it is Double sided Foam Tape, what are the characteristics? Let's take a quick look.

In short, cotton paper double - sided tape with anti - rebound, warping, heat resistance, temperature resistance, but also has a strong adhesive force and adhesion. It has good adhesion to a variety of substrates, convenient and easy to tear, clean use; Good adhesion to rough surface, greasy surface, chemical fiber, kapok cloth and other materials. The tape comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Cotton-paper double-sided tape is suitable for arc-face adhesion, suitable for stamping, marking board, film switch adhesion, can be used to stick signs, photos, envelopes, hooks and so on.

The utility that still can use according to the user actually, make up different material, form different adhesive tape, also can be used at leather, Ming edition, make paper handicraft, stationery and the general stickup in the family.

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