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What is foam tape? What are the USES and precautions?

Apr. 25, 2019

What is foam tape? What are the USES and precautions?

Foam adhesive tape is made of EVA or PE foam as the base material and coated on one or both sides with solvent (or hot-melt) pressure-sensitive adhesive and then with release paper. It has the function of sealing and damping.

Notes for adhesion:

1. Remove the dust and oil stains sticking to the surface of the object before pasting, and keep it dry (do not paste on the wet wall on rainy days). If it is used to paste the mirror, it is recommended to clean the adhesive surface with alcohol first;

2, paste when working temperature should not be below 10 ℃, otherwise can use hair dryer suitable heating tape and paste surface;

3, pressure-sensitive tape in the paste after 24 hours to play the best effect (paste when the tape should be as tight as possible), paste vertical load-bearing objects such as mirror, in the case of both sides have been glued, first flat for 24 hours. If there is no such condition, vertical adhesion within 24 hours, to support the load-bearing objects.

Foam tape is widely used in electrical and electronic products, machinery parts, all kinds of small home appliance, mobile phone accessories, industrial instrumentation, computer and peripheral equipment, car accessories, audio equipment, toys, cosmetics, craft gifts, medical equipment, electric tools, office stationery, shelf display, home decoration, acrylic glass, ceramics and other industries of paste, sealing, prevent slippery and cushion.

Foam adhesive tape

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