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Teach You How To Prevent PET High Temperature Tape Residues

Apr. 17, 2019

Teach You How To Prevent PET High Temperature Tape Residues

1. Corona treatment for PP and PET film used in the tape.

Green PET Tape Supplier shares that the result of corona or flame treatment is to form a layer of chemical bonds with oxidation groups on the surface of the material, thus improving the polarity and chemical reactivity of the surface. Corona or flame treatment is usually done by the film supplier, if you need to handle it yourself, you must pay attention to the power and time of the corona. If corona is not enough, there will not be enough polar groups. Excessive corona can damage the material surface and reduce the surface strength of the material, thus reducing the final adhesion. In addition, surface pretreatment is usually time-sensitive. Although the surface tension of the membrane increases after treatment, this state is a physically unstable state. After a period of time, the oily small molecules in the material body, such as resin or plasticizer with low molecular weight, and the oily substances in the air, will migrate to the surface of the membrane, thereby reducing the surface tension again. This phenomenon is found in all corona materials, but it is especially obvious in materials with vitrification temperature lower than room temperature, such as PP, PE, etc.

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2. On the basis of corona treatment, coating PP, BOPP, PE tape with | primer | adhesive, to improve the bonding performance of pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Primer, such as | primer for PP, BOPP, PE tapes, | adhesives can improve the adhesion between adhesives and plastic film. In addition to the material itself, coating process also plays a considerable role. First, to ensure a certain film thickness. In general, the thicker the substrate, the better the stress release and, of course, the higher the cost and the higher the drying/curing conditions. In addition, the drying process should be in accordance with the supplier's instructions, according to the conditions of their own equipment and determine. In principle, the primer should be completely dry, otherwise it will affect its function. Different films have different restrictions on the drying temperature. PET film has a higher temperature resistance than PP, and the drying temperature can be increased correspondingly to improve the working efficiency. In the process of adjusting process conditions, the supplier's technical service ability is very important, must be able to assist users to adjust the process conditions to the best.

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