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Manufacturing process of paper masking tape

Sep. 21, 2019

Manufacturing process of paper masking tape shared by Adhesive Tapes Supplier.

The main raw materials of mei-wen paper tape include mei-wen paper and pressure-sensitive glue. In the manufacturing process, one side of mei-wen paper needs to be coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the other side needs to be coated with rolled Adhesive Tapes made of anti-adhesive material. Specifically, mei-wen paper tape needs to go through the following procedures in the production.

1, the first is to prepare the required mei-wen paper and pressure-sensitive glue, general manufacturers of glue is their own production in advance.

2, then use the coating machine to make the glue on the paper.

3, through the above production process will be made of beautiful paper tape semi-finished, that is, master roll.

4. Then use the pipe cutter to cut the newly produced tape master roll.

5. Later, the slitting machine will be used: after the master roll of paper tape is cut, the slitting machine will be used for slitting.

6. Then the whole process can be completed by packing and packing.

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Paper Masking tape

Notes for storage of paper tape:

And another user reaction with us today, they in the U.S. profile of paper tape storage because of the negligence of remaining tape cannot be used, not only the use of delay, but also caused a certain loss, very unfortunately, factory still want to remind everyone here, must be stored in accordance with the requirements textured paper tape, avoid unnecessary loss.

First, we put the paper tape in the formal storage warehouse. Storage rooms should be kept clean and dry so that the masking tape is protected from the rain and sun. In addition, when stacking the paper tape must be neatly placed, not arbitrary stacking, and try to arrange a person responsible for the storage of the process of inspection. There are unexpected circumstances can also be timely detection and treatment.

Generally, mei-line paper tape should be used as soon as possible. If the mei-line paper tape has been stored for a long time, it is also necessary to make regular check on the tape by turning it, and make sure that the mei-line paper tape is not folded and adhered.

In practice more see is stacked for a long time no one management caused by dampness, thereby affecting the use of paper tape, so since there are so many warning, we must pay more attention to, not because of these unimportant, until the real problem is too late to regret.

Paper masking adhesive tape overall with high adhesion, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and then tear no residual glue and other excellent characteristics, in a lot of places have been used, adhesive products recommend you choose reliable manufacturers wholesale purchase, so more preferential.

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