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What factors will affect the continued adhesion of masking tape?

May. 09, 2019

What factors will affect the continued adhesion of masking tape?

If we often use masking tape, we will pay more attention to its continuous stickiness, because this is related to the durability of the tape, so what factors will affect the continuous stickiness of masking tape? The next small series will take you to understand, so that when you know how to avoid these.

1. Firstly, moisture and immersion. The masking tape will lose its strength and hardness due to hydrolysis in the humid and hot environment. In addition, water will also infiltrate into the adhesive layer, replacing the adhesive bonding interface, so in the case of moisture, the bonding strength will be reduced, thus affecting the continuous adhesion of the masking tape.

2. High temperature. Generally speaking, if exposed to high temperature for a long time, the viscosity of the masking tape will gradually decrease with time.

masking tape

3. In addition, the electronegativity of the adhesive and the adhesive is the electrostatic force between two materials with opposite charges. And acidic substances are usually shown as a positive point, and alkaline is shown as a negative point, according to the principle of positive and negative attraction, the greater the electronegativity between the adhesive and the adhesive, the more tightly the tape will stick.

4. The low temperature environment, this kind of adhesive tape in the temperature reaches 253 ° C below zero, its corresponding the decrease of adhesion and it is also a will affect the U.S. profile of paper tape sticky factors.

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