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What is the performance of the material used in the tape?

Aug. 07, 2019

What is the performance of the material used in the tape?

Adhesive Tapes Factory in the production of materials, are strictly selected, the use of polyurethane adhesive, no side effects when curing, not easy to make adhesive film defects.

Then, the production of adhesive tape material polyurethane adhesive, but also has good adhesive strength and impact strength, and resistant to oil, chemical resistance, low temperature resistance, tasteless, soft. Then, polyurethane adhesive can be heated curing, room temperature curing, simple process. The polyurethane formula can be adjusted in the processing, and the adhesive layer can be adjusted arbitrarily from flexibility to rigidity, so as to meet the needs of different materials.

In the quality polyurethane adhesive also contains the polarity high isocyanate base and carbamic acid group, and contains the active hydrogen material has the excellent bonding force, the polyurethane adhesive also produces the hydrogen bond between the adhesive material, thus makes the bonding firm.

Adhesive Tapes Factory

3M 9080 Double Coated Tissue Tape

What are the features of masking tape?

Tape such as Double Sided PET Adhesive Tapes wholesale products have good performance, so it has a wide range of applications, and in terms of its product characteristics, what aspects are included?

First of all, the no residual Adhesive Tapes is strong, which to a large extent depends on the quality of the tape is good or bad, and its viscosity is good, much better than the ordinary adhesive tape viscosity, and after the use of no residual glue. Second, the United States of paper tape temperature resistance, in some need to withstand high temperatures, you can choose the United States of paper tape temperature resistance to use. Moreover, it has various colors and is easier to tear when using, which makes it one of the main reasons for DIY handmade tape. Easy tearing makes it more convenient to use.

When using adhesive tape to bond, one end should be glued first and then slowly pressed to the other end to reduce the probability of bubble formation, so as not to affect the bonding effect.

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