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Yoga mat manufacturer introduces the method of choosing yoga mat

Jul. 24, 2019

Yoga mat manufacturer introduces the method of choosing yoga mat

1. Smell the smell: a good yoga mat is odorless, yoga mat manufacturers choose the method of yoga mat do not buy a yoga mat with strange smell, because in the practice of yoga, the body and yoga mat is to be close contact. If we buy smelly yoga MATS, they can be very harmful to our health. Some of the odors will make our heads dizzy and make us allergic.

2. Flatness: gently push the surface of the yoga mat with your hands. If you feel dry hands, it is a good yoga mat.

3. Test material: when buying a mat, you'd better take an eraser and gently wipe it. If the yoga mat is easily broken, don't buy it.

4. Pressure resistance: gently pinch yoga mat with thumb and forefinger, you can feel the pressure resistance of yoga mat, yoga mat manufacturers good elastic mat is the first choice, the poor elasticity of the mat with thin, no protective effect on the body.

Thickness: the thickness of yoga mat manufacturers should be between 1.5 mm and 8 mm, this is the standard thickness of international yoga mat, and most of the yoga mat sold on the domestic market is 3.5 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and so on.

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