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What should be paid attention to when using tape?

Aug. 14, 2019

What should I pay attention to when using tape?

We must buy good quality products from Adhesive Tapes Manufacturer, and when using tape, we must also meet the relevant requirements, pay attention to many places.

Should be in full clearance of dirt, dust - oil, moisture, etc., then paste. Please avoid repeated adhesive tape paste, paste, please let a few hours, do not directly paste on the human body, concave and convex surface, rough surface. When taking care of the tape, please avoid direct sunlight and heat source and keep it in a cool place. The shelf life of the tape is 6 months after delivery, and the best use effect is within one month. Moreover, the value recorded in the test report is the measured value, not the guaranteed value.

In addition, during the storage period of the tape, it should not be squeezed, otherwise there will be color difference between the rolls. It must meet the standard environmental conditions.

Where can I use masking tape?

Tape manufacturers in the production of plastic particles from the raw materials added to the film blowing machine, blowing into a plastic film, the width is generally about 1.3M, according to the purpose of the tape to choose different plastic particles, and add some special additives.

And in the aspect of application, marking tape can be used not only in terms of packaging decoration, it can play a prompt packing goods, and we can also use it in metal, plastic, glass, ceramics and so on many industries, has the very good stickiness, in its words on them later, can have very good warning effect, the effect is very big still, but in the process of use, must satisfy the use requirement.

Adhesive Tapes Manufacturer

Adhesive Tapes Manufacturer

For the storage of printed tape, it should be kept away from the sun and rain, do not contact with alkali oil and organic solvents, to keep the tape clean and dry.

How to judge the quality of packing tape?

Packing Tape Manufacturer have many types of products, such as Packing Tape, PVC warning tape, which can be used in different places, if you want to buy sealing tape, how to judge its quality?

First, check the thickness of the tape tube, the standard thickness of the paper tube is 3mm, and then look at the diameter of the paper tube, the standard diameter is 7.8cm. Smell the tape. If it smells strong or smelly, it's not of good quality. Also check the tape surface, including whether the two sides of the tape are sticky and whether there is any gap, good quality tape on both sides of the hand is not sticky, and there is no gap. The third is to see whether there are bubbles on the surface of the tape, good quality tape rolled very tight will not have bubbles, of course, if it is a new factory tape may have a few bubbles. The tension of the tape should also be checked, if the tape is particularly easy to break that is poor quality, good tape with a better transparent film is not easy to break.

In fact, the most important thing is to check the viscosity of the tape, you can use tape to seal the box, and then suddenly remove, can peel off the surface of the box, the better the viscosity.

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