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Performance Difference Between Pet Double-Sided Tape And Oily Double-Sided Tape

Feb. 15, 2020

Performance Difference Between Pet Double-Sided Tape And Oily Double-Sided Tape

Application technology of PET:

Remove the oil, moisture, dust and other debris on the surface of the sticker. Since pressure-sensitive adhesives are used, it is necessary to use a roller or a stamping device to give sufficient pressure when pressing. As the adhesive force of the tape itself takes a certain amount of time to fully develop, please be careful not to subject the tape to excessive pressure for at least a few hours after the application. When using, please pay attention to the initial adhesion and time-varying changes of PET protective film, and make full confirmation beforehand.

Double Sided Pet Tape

Double Sided Pet Tape

PET storage environment:

Store it in its original packaging or box. Choose a dark place without direct sunlight for storage. 5 ~ 30 ℃, avoid placing in direct sunlight, low temperature (below 0 ℃), high temperature (above 40 ℃), high humidity (70% RH or more)

Need high-temperature resistance tapes used on both sides need to find high-temperature double-sided tape, but there are probably two solutions for high-temperature resistance of double-sided tape: one is PET double-sided tape, the other is oily double-sided tape Masking tape.

Everybody should know that both PET double-sided tape and oil-based double-sided tape can withstand high temperatures. So when should we choose double sided PET tape and when should we choose oil-based double-sided tape ?

First of all, there are still many differences between PET double-sided tape and oily double-sided tape. First of all, from the perspective of the substrate, the PET double-sided tape is made of PET, while the oily double-sided tape is made of tissue paper. The biggest difference between the two is that the PET tape is constantly pulled and will not deform. On the contrary, the oil-based double-sided tape is deformed because it is tissue paper and if it is forced, the tape is prone to break. From the analysis of materials, the PET double-sided tape has a high degree of temperature resistance, which can withstand about 200 degrees, and has relatively good thermal stability, while the oil-based double-sided tape is different, and its temperature resistance is about 80 degrees

Secondly, from the perspective of product price alone, the price and cost of double sided pet adhesive tapes is generally higher than the price of oily double-sided tapes.

In the end, the two have very different viscosities. The viscosity of oily double-sided tape will gradually weaken after a year and a half after a year and a half. The opposite is true for PET double-sided tapes. Over time, PET double-sided tapes become more sticky and permanently sticky.




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