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The manufacturing process of masking tape

Aug. 26, 2019

The manufacturing process of masking tape shared by Adhesive Tapes Supplier.

The main raw materials of meigen paper adhesive tape include meigen paper and pressure-sensitive glue. In the production and manufacture, you need to apply pressure sensitive adhesive on one side of meigen paper and roll Waterproof Adhesive Tapes made of anti-stick material on the other side. Specifically speaking, meigen paper adhesive tape needs to go through the following processes in the production.

1. First of all, the required paper and pressure-sensitive glue should be prepared. Generally, the glue of manufacturers is also produced in advance.

2. Then use the coating machine will make the glue to the United States grain paper glue.

3. Through the above production process will be made into beautiful paper tape semi-finished products, namely master roll.

4. Then use the pipe cutting machine to cut the master tape just produced for pipe processing.

5. After the use of the dividing machine: the master roll of beautiful paper tape cut the tube through the dividing machine for dividing.

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masking tape

6. Packaging and packing can complete the whole process.

Feature 1: faster bonding speed. When using masking tape, we pull it apart and flatten it. Although the inside of the tape doesn't look sticky, it sticks to the object once it touches it. In addition, it can prevent accidental contact and injury caused by opponents during construction.

Feature 2: masking tape is made of a special curing adhesive that provides viscosity. This adhesive has good solubility and high temperature resistance, and does not leave an imprint on the surface after we use it, so it is very useful.

Feature 3: it is more convenient to use. When using, we can leave enough tape length. No scissors or blade is needed.

Feature 4: although the masking tape is stiff, we can bend the tape at will without breaking it.

The United States grain adhesive tape overall has high adhesion, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and no residual adhesive and other excellent characteristics, in many places are used at present, adhesive products are recommended to choose reliable manufacturers wholesale purchase, so more preferential.

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