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How is the tape produced?

Jul. 31, 2019

How is the tape produced? Shared by Healthcare Tape Supplier.

Tape in our lives are still many applications, and before use, we can learn from the Adhesive Tapes Supplier to its production knowledge.

In the production of adhesive tape, the raw materials of plastic particles are added into the film blowing machine to form a plastic film with a width of about 1.3m. Different plastic particles are selected according to the purpose of the adhesive tape, and some special additives are added. Note after blowing the film film to the coating machine to coating glue, this process is mainly according to the adhesive tape viscosity and use to choose glue, coating is good after the tape. Also the large roll of plastic film through the rewinding machine, and then rewinding into small rolls of film, which is according to the usual use of tape required by the length of rewinding.

For the rewinding of small film, and then use the cutting machine to cut into the usual use of the width, in the production of tape, blowing film and coating these two processes are crucial.

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