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[Yoga mat factory]How to choose a yoga mat?

Jun. 25, 2019

How to choose a yoga mat?

Yoga mat factory suggests you choose yoga mat according to the type of yoga practice.

Yoga mat factory recommends you to learn the type of yoga mat selection, because, different factions of yoga, learning focus is different, your needs will be very different. If you are learning yoga, which is based on softness training, and you spend most of your time sitting on a mat, the mat is thicker and softer, so you will be more comfortable.

But if the Yoga that you learn is the Power Yoga that beat type gives priority to, mat not only cannot too hard, the requirement of stop slippery sex also wants higher. Why? Because yoga mat processing mat is too soft, standing on it to do a lot of movement will be very difficult to do. And this will be a lot of sweat yoga, if there is no better anti-skid mat, will occur skid phenomenon.

If the movements are not as static or sweaty as running, but somewhere in between, what kind of yoga mat should you use? I would say "thinner". Because the car with a very soft suspension system will be like a boat on the mountain road, the thick cushion (5mm or more) will lose the sense of contact with the ground, and many movements will have the feeling of "distortion". In foreign countries, most of the yoga practitioners love to use thin mat, this is the truth. If you feel thin cushion is doing a few kneel when the motion, knee is uncomfortable, however can cushion a towel below the knee.

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