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You Need An Insulating Waterproof Tape

Jan. 20, 2020

We all know that winter can be said to be a rainy season, especially in the south. It does n’t rain in the north every day, and it rains every 30 minutes. Anyway, it rains very often, and this rain will make our objects moving outdoors no matter how good they are.

Good things can survive for a few more years, because it rains and rusts when it rains more. It will make us run outdoors, whether it is a car or an airplane, will reduce life. In response to this, we will have developed a most inconspicuous waterproof adhesive tapes. Is anyone asking this tape to release water? To prevent moisture? Are there many people who can't believe they can get rid of these things with just a waterproof tape?

Film packing material wholesaler china introduces you: This tape is not only waterproof but also seals it. The sealing effect is quite good, and its self-melting property is particularly good. The metal / non-metal surface has good elastic bonding strength. After the product is heated at 90-120° C, it can fill the tiny structure gaps on the rough product surface. Under appropriate working environment, it can maintain the semi-vulcanized elastic bonding state for a long time. The seal is easy to carry.

This water proof PVC warning tape is suitable for use in harsh environments: elastic bonding, insulation, sealing and protection between cables and electrical components in other cabins, marine vessels, aircraft, vehicles and other cabins. They are: cable interface, elastic sealing and waterproofing between the wires' Teflon surface materials, and conventional thread detachable seals to prevent loosening. Has excellent air tightness, weather resistance and electrical insulation properties. Sealed, waterproof, moisture-proof, salt-spray resistant, resistant to mold growth. Elastic bonding between indoor and outdoor electrical control boxes, signals, power cables and connectors (including electrical equipment interfaces) or interfaces with heat shrinkable components, failing waterproof and moisture-proof seals to ensure the insulation performance of electrical products. In addition, it has the functions of damping shock absorption, low pressure sealing and stress relief. Overcome the problems of traditional cable and equipment sealing failure, such as: electrical equipment lead port sealing O-rings and cable diameters do not match, double-walled heat shrinkable film sleeves and various cable surface materials have low bonding strength, operating cables and The waterproof seal failure of the component interface after bending or long-term movement operation. Applications in other fields include: detachable sealing and anti-loosening of the conventional threads of equipment; sealing and waterproof filling between metal or non-metal material structures in construction and mechanical assembly.

Usage: Remove the dust on the surface of the product to be sealed. After greasy dirt, stretch the waterproof sealing self-adhesive tape around the surface of the object or plug it into the structure gap and compact it. Best use after 5-6 hours of application.

You Need An Insulating Waterproof Tape

Waterproof Adhesive Tapes

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