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[Yoga mat for sale]How to choose yoga mat?

Jun. 04, 2019

How to choose yoga mat?

Cloth MATS are hard to buy.Shared by Yoga mat Supplier.

Sometimes, in yoga classes, we see people using a brightly colored yoga mat that looks like an Arab flying carpet, said to be an Indian yoga mat. The mat, imported from India and dyed by hand, can be used on ordinary plastic yoga MATS. The reason for this is that the plastic mat doesn't touch the skin well, and the cloth mat is softer, portable and ACTS as a barrier when using public yoga MATS. But do not know the anti-slip effect of cloth pad is ideal?

Choose according to "thickness requirements"

About the thickness of yoga mat, the common yoga mat on the market, there are 3.5 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm thickness. One of the most basic Suggestions is that beginners can use a thick yoga mat, such as 6mm thick, to prevent sports injuries. After having certain foundation and experience, can change 3.5 millimeter to 5 millimeter thickness yoga mat. Of course, if you are very afraid of pain, you can always use a relatively thick yoga mat.

Yoga mat Supplier

Choose according to the "type of yoga" you are studying.

If you practice soft yoga, you will often encounter the movement of sitting on a mat. A thicker, softer mat will make you more comfortable. But if you're practicing a more pulsating form of Yoga like Power Yoga, Flow Yoga, or Ashtanga Yoga, you'll need a thinner, stiffer mat, which makes it harder to move. There are a few more exquisite people still can feel too thick yoga mat obstructed the contact of them and the ground to wait a moment, actually of yoga mat thick thin or not basically still see individual be fond of.

If your movements aren't as static or sweaty as running, which mat is in between? I would say "thinner". Thick MATS (5 mm or more) lose the sense of contact with the ground, and there is a "distortion" in many movements. In foreign countries, most of the yoga practitioners love to use thin mat, this is the truth. If you feel thin cushion is doing a few kneel when the motion, knee is uncomfortable, however can cushion a towel below the knee.

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