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[Yoga mats supplier]Do Indians use yoga MATS?

Jun. 12, 2019

Do indians use yoga MATS? Shared by Yoga mat Supplier.

Yoga originated in India. Did ancient Indians use yoga MATS in the beginning?

This is a question that no ancient Indian can answer, and it is not known whether modern humans have ever conducted a conclusive research.

It is said that the earliest indians who practiced yoga did not use yoga MATS. They covered the heaven and the earth and communicated with the body and mind, man and the universe in the simplest place. But modern people practice yoga in a completely different way from ancient indians. Yoga MATS have also become indispensable AIDS. Because the yoga mat is made of special materials, different from the general mat or carpet, it can play the role of anti-skid, preventing the injury of spine, ankle, hip bone, knee and other parts. Another myth is that yoga MATS insulate the body from the energy that accumulates during practice.

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