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Comparison Of Pvc Shrink Film And Pof Heat Shrink Film

Jan. 11, 2020

PVC heat shrinkable film is a good film packaging material, which has the following advantages: (1) good transparency, allowing customers to directly see the packaged goods, convenient for customers to choose goods; (2) close to the goods The shape can be applied to the packaging of various shapes of goods, and the contents of the package are wide; (3) theft resistance and dust resistance are excellent; (4) a variety of goods can be packed in a heat shrinkable packaging bag to prevent individual small commodities The loss is also convenient for customers to carry; (5) Selecting different resins and formulas can produce heat shrinkable films with different mechanical strength and functions, which can be used for inner packaging with lower strength and smaller product weight, and can also be used for Transportation packaging (outer packaging) for mechanical products for containers and building materials with high strength is required.

Comparison Of Pvc Shrink Film And Pof Heat Shrink Film

Pof Shrink Film

The production method of heat shrinkable film is to produce a thick cylindrical film or a flat plate thick film by using an extrusion blown film or an extrusion drool method after the resin particles enter the extruder. In order to prevent and reduce crystallization for crystalline polymers, In order to cool the thick film, cooling water should be used to quench the thick film, because the crystallized thick film cannot be stretched in two directions or one direction. Stretching will destroy the crystal and reduce the mechanical strength and performance of the film. The thick film is produced and reheated to the resin's Tg ~ Tf temperature, that is, in the high elastic state between the glass transition temperature and the melting temperature, mechanical longitudinal or transverse stretching is performed, and then it is cooled to become a heat shrinkable film. For amorphous polymers, such as: PVC, it can be stretched directly after cooling from the molten state to a highly elastic state, and rolled into a heat-shrinkable film after cooling, without the need for rapid cooling and then heating.

Comparison of pvc and pof heat shrinkable film:

POF shrink film is a new generation of products that has gradually risen in recent years and is accepted by people. Environmental protection type multi-layer co-extruded polyolefin POF heat-shrinkable film. Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is used as an intermediate layer, polypropylene (PP) is used as an inner layer and an outer layer in special equipment. The outer three layers are co-extruded to make a heat-shrinkable film with high transparency, high shrinkage and good heat-sealing performance. It has all the advantages and advantages of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), and its superior performance is far better than pure polyethylene (PE) film and polypropylene (PP) film. Environmentally friendly heat shrinkable packaging materials widely used on the market and approved by the European and American markets.

It complies with the US FDA and USDA standards, and is made of environmentally friendly materials. It is an environmentally friendly packaging material that can be recycled and reused. Especially suitable for pharmaceutical industry and food industry. The product meets the "GMP" requirements.

1. Cost POF specific gravity 0.92, the thinnest thickness 0.012mm, the actual unit cost is lower. PE specific gravity 0.92, the thinnest thickness is more than 0.03, the actual unit cost is higher.

2.Physical POF is thin and tough, uniform thickness, good moisture resistance, soft texture. High tensile strength, high tear resistance, adjustable shrinkage. Due to the presence of LLDPE, the rub resistance is better. PE is thick and tough, uniform thickness, Good moisture resistance, soft texture. Tear resistance is lower than POF, but much higher than PVC, shrinkage is poorly adjustable. Rub resistance is not as good as POF. PVC is thick and brittle, uneven thickness, poor moisture resistance, hard and brittle texture. Low strength, low shrinkage, poor rub resistance.

3. Physical properties such as cold resistance POF has excellent cold resistance. It is not hard and brittle at -50 ℃, and it is not easy to crack. It can be used for frozen food packaging. After shrink packaging, -50 ℃ -95 ℃ is stored for a long time in the package and is stable. Static electricity is present. And anti-fog treatment, it is not easy to contaminate dust, and it can keep the product clean and beautiful. PE has excellent cold resistance, and it is not hard and brittle after winter or freezing, so it is not easy to break during transportation. It has static elimination treatment, is not easy to stain, and can be kept Product cleaning.

Water proof PVC warning tape is extremely cold-resistant, it will embrittle in winter or after freezing, so it is easy to rupture during transportation. The longer the shrink packaging, the tighter the shrinkage and the deformation of the package. No static elimination treatment , Easy to be contaminated with dust, making product pollution blurred.

4. Processing performance POF processing does not generate water or stick to the sealing rod, easy maintenance and operation. High toughness, smoothness and rub resistance make it suitable for high-speed production line automatic packaging. PE processing does not generate water, but also Does not stick to the sealing stick, easy maintenance and operation. High toughness, low rubbing, can be used for automatic packaging of high-speed production lines. PVC processing process will generate volatiles, easy to cause mechanical damage, and easy to stick to the sealing stick. Convenient and difficult to maintain.

5. Security After the POF shrink packaging, the four corners of the seal are soft, which will not cut human hands and are resistant to rubbing. After PE shrink packaging, the four corners of the seal are soft and will not cut human hands. After the PVC shrink packaging, the four corners of the seal are hard and sharp. , Easy to cut and bleed.

6. Medical pof film is non-toxic, does not produce toxic odor during processing, and meets US FDA and USDA standards. PE is non-toxic, and does not produce toxic gases during processing, which meets the US FDA and USDA standards. PVC is toxic, and it will produce odors and toxic gases during processing, which is gradually banned.

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